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    Default frontpage replacement suggestion

    after searching for almost a year, i have found two decent alternatives to micro$oft frontpage:

    1) $50

    SUPER EASY to use, but the company is slow in answering emails

    2) $50

    this one is a bit more difficult, but it has a REALLY cool feature - it can import existing front-page webpages! this one needs to get filed under 'how-cool-is-that'.

    i used this as a guide:

    both of these read and write its own 'internal' file, much like a word document. this makes it handly for collaboration.

    i have yet to see if they support templates well - thats my next challenge.

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    Have you considered Expression Web?

    The second version of Expression Web is now available in BETA for download at:

    You can get the most feedback about the program by asking other users at our new forum for Expression Web at:

    Expression Web

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    expression web? the idea here is to move away from a micro$oft product.

    another contender:

    this one is priced the best, at $40.

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    There is a free alternative web design application available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems at:

    I haven't used it much personally, but I have heard good things about it.

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    i have used NVU and i LOVE it! it is a poor mans dreamweaver, and will do 90% of what dreamweaver will do. i just have two minor issues with it:

    1) it is not actively maintained, last release was three years ago
    2) there is a bit of a learning curve to it.

    my goal has been to find a quick and cheap way for the total novice to create a website.

    the winner: web-easy-professional. buy it on ebay and save $$$ money. web-easy-pro will also import existing websites!

    ================================================== ======

    another easy free way to crank out webpages:

    1) move your images to your server
    2) go to googlepages, and use one of their templates to produce a nice webpage (have googlepages point to images on your server)
    3) on your server inside of an SSH session issue a:

    wget --output-document=index.html

    hey, it works!

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    nvu has been replaced (sort of) by kompozer.....

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    The Best frontpage replacement is Dreamviwer.

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