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    Question ShopFactory 7 and osCommerce Software

    Is anyone using ShopFactory 7 on westhost? Since westhost configures the osCommerce it was easy to get a functioning shopcart. However I am looking at ShopFactory 7 and wondering how much work is involved, not in building the pages, but in get it to process all the functions that westhost takes care of with osCommerce. Any insights would be helpful.

    I like the ShopFactory 7 software which I could do on my computer compared to the osCommerce admin which I have been doing on-line. Is there a software that I can use on my computer to do the editing for osCommerce?



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    From reading the information on their site it sounds more like a web page editor that is designed to build pages on your local computer and then be uploaded to your account. I really could not find any specifics on what is required. They claim it well work on any host. That would indicate to me that there is not setup that would involve specific server information. More then likely you simply input the same information you use to access FTP, Email etc.

    I have never heard of software that would allow you to work with oSCommerce off line. Even SF7 has to connect at some point to upload your changes. I don't see how that differs that much then directly dealing with things via the Browser. Not sure that this would be worth the cost of the program unless is offers something else that you want that OS does not have.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I agree that it seems to be a editor of some kind but it builds shopcart pages too and that is very attractive to me at the moment.
    Things seem slow working on line to build pages and set text and images with the westhost server. It seems to take for ever just to access the manager section. I sometimes think it is broken but if I wait long enough it generally works it's way through and displays the manger section. I have been doing some editing online and it sure isn't like building HTML pages on my computer and then FTPing them to my westhost space. I use homesite for my webpage editor and it is as fast as me and I can check things to make sure I did it right.

    But if online is the best there is then I'll work with it for the moment. I have an inquiry in to shopfactory as it sounds like I can only use pages generated in there editor if I am using a shopcart and general html pages. Hopefully the will clarify that issue.

    I am trying to figure out some of the tools and function of the oscommerce software. I will check their website to see if there is an manual so I don't waste peoples times with a lot of questions.

    I sure appreciate you reply.

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