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    Default multiple SSH users per main account

    Hi, I was pretty disappointed to see that my account (Personal Starter), doesn't allow for TRUE secondary accounts (I still only have one ssh account, etc).

    Is there a way to get this with my account or is there a different WestHost package that allows for multiple ssh accounts? Ideally, every time I create a new account, it would get its own home directory, ssh login, etc...


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    No workarounds for this that I am aware of. You only get one "real" user for each account you have with WestHost. Now if you wanted to go with a dedicated server plan it may be that you could have multiple users but not sure.
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    I was also extremely disappointed with this situation when I first signed up. I learned to live with it (I came from having a full dedicated server with full root access and Plesk).

    You would probably have to sign up for a reseller account/dedicated server to get multiple SSH users on Westhost.

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