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    Question Changing the front page of my website

    I have a website t r o p i c a l t i k i s dot c o m. the site is OS Commerce. I just got Filezilla, so I can see the files from the file manager on my computer. I use to have a partner that was a programmer and did all of the changes to the website but he is gone, I am now paying a guy $600 to only change the front page, like when I want a sale or to promote a new item. I want to do this myself. I am scared because I changed the index once before and all of the links on the page changed for no reason. Want I need help with is first: how do I know what files the first page of my website and the next catalog page are named and where they are in the file manager. Second once I find them in the filemanager can I just download them and edit them in NVU and put them back or is it more complicated than that, I heard there were languages and you cannot modify certain pages. If I know this I can save $600 a month. The last thing I will bug you with is that I do not understand where the database is to my website on westhost, how to access it and how to back it up, I have no clue, I have the passwords to the server, fm,manager, but see no database.
    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Since your site is running on OsCommerce, you well want to visit their site and read up on the program. Don't forget to visit their forms to look for answers to your questions about how the program works.

    I don't believe you should have to download anything to change your front page. It has been some time since I played with OsCommerce but I am pretty sure you can change the front page content in the Admin area.

    The database for OsCommerce is MySQL. You can look at and manipulate that database (outside the OsCommerce program) using phpMyAdmin which can be installed via your Site Manager. It could be this is already installed. It uses the same username password combination as your Site Manager. OsCommerce has a backup utility for the database built into the Admin section so you shouldn't have to do it outside the program.
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