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    Default VPN Servers on WestHost VPS

    We are taking our company to a virtual (web-based) platform, (so people can work from virtually anywhere...). Our apps are all web-based now.

    What would it take to implement a VPN Server on a WestHost VPS? I am looking for a secure, shared hard drive. I don't think I will need more than even 1 or 2 GB, but it needs drag & drop access.

    BACKGROUND: We are mostly on a Linux-desktop platform now, so I don't think it would be that difficult to mount some external resource... but it needs to be accessed by the windows platform as well (one administrative computer may need access... I guess this could be optional).

    Any products come to mind? Has anyone done this already?

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    you could use SSH to do some of this, SSH would allow you to connect securely to the VPS and you might be able to use nfs (and a ssh tunnel if you need) (I haven't tried it, but after I get home I can test it), but for most VPN software it needs access to things like IPtables, and all that is root owned. I will let you know if the NFS works.
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    As dattas mentioned, ssl tunneling would probably work best for you. I understand there has been some success by some WestHost clients in getting sslExplorer installed to that set up.

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