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    Default Perlfect Search for a secondary domain

    How do I setup Perlfect Search for a secondary domain? I have it installed but it is only indexing the Primary Domain.

    I am new to WestHost and am a novice at all this. So simple instructions are best.


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    I think maybe that with Perfect search you may have to install manually a second version to use with your second domain. I don't think it has the ability built in to index two different domains. I don't use it so can not say for sure. Looking at the config file is seems as if it only handles one domain per installation and I found no info on their site explaining multi domain installations.

    You can read about the program and download it here: Scroll down to Documentation for particulars on installing. The install instructions are in the README file. The program does have an installer that comes with it that you run via SSH which can be accessed via a program called Putty (there is information on this in the WH Help files).

    We can more then likely give you more help but we would need to know some specifics like the full path to your second domain. This information should show up in your Site Manager.
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