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    Default Need advice re: upgrading from FrontPage

    I'm the site designer/administrator of a small, very basic website for our college faculty association...I've been using FrontPage 2003 for some time, but am considering upgrading to either MS Share Point Designer or MS Web Expressions because of the ultimate phase-out of Front Page.

    I am NOT an experienced designer, and do not write code on my own...nor do I have any interest in learning HTML, etc.

    I'd prefer to switch to something without a huge learning curve (like Dreamweaver), and something I can upgrade to relatively inexpensively...any suggestions? Thoughts?


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    Dreamweaver is a good choice if you're redesigning the site from the beginning. I can't advise about the learning curve because I've been using it for many years. However, if you want to keep the same design and pages you have now you might want to stick with a Microsoft application. FrontPage and other Microsoft products use bloated proprietary coding that could be confusing and frustrating when brought into Dreamweaver.
    Lyn R

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