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    Question Attributes and global changes can it be done

    This is for osCommerce geeks.

    OK, I have set up a store to sell custom decorated tee shirts. With each different shirt decoration I have had to enter into the attribute section 7 different sizes three of them with cost increases. I have done this for 10 to 15 shirts and with my costs going up I have to go and change every shirts attributes cost increases. I am going to add colored shirts later on and different fabrics and my eyes and mouse are wearing out.

    QUESTION: Is there a way to set the attributes globally so all I have to do is make one change and all the specific pricing will change?

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    While I'm not aware of a way to do what you are trying directly within the osCommerce administration, you can probably do it fairly easily if you are proficient with SQL. Since products in osCommerce keep all their data in a MySQL table, and since SQL makes it easy to update information in a database with similar attributes, it wouldn't be hard to come up with an SQL statement that would update things the way you want them through phpMyAdmin.

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