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    Default Discount SSL GeoTrust/RapidSSL Certificates Available

    WestHost has recently partnered with RapidSSL and GeoTrust to provide professional SSL certificates at discounted prices. If you are a WestHost client interested in obtaining a SSL certificate for your Web site, you now have the opportunity to purchase your own SSL certificate from WestHost at a price that is less expensive than if you were to purchase that same SSL certificate directly from the vendor.

    The process in which to complete a SSL installation can be confusing if you've never done it before, so in addition to offering lower prices, WestHost is also offering free installation of the certificate for clients.

    If you are currently utilizing our sharedSSL service, this new partnership offers a much more inexpensive method to get your own SSL certificate and enjoy the benefits of the price, the retention of "" in the address bar, and the free WestHost installation.

    For more information on our SSL certificate offering, please visit our SSL Hosting page here:
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