This week-end i have upgrade through the manager panel the perl version.
I think that the instructions to do that which the site manager must better.
Ofcourse it is ease to uninstall the old perl version. ( 5.6.0.) and install the new version (5.6.8.)
Yes a lot of problems.
Al the scripts on the website which using perl stop working.
So the only thing i could do was ask for support.
I did that with the chat.
After a couple of minutes...... i ask of it is maybe better to reinstall the old perl version.
But, that's seems to be impossible if you remove old scripts from out the sitemanager.
The only thing I could do was install the version 5.6.8.
So I'am must use this version.
At that point unfortunately the support can't do something for me.
I get the hint to upgrade some perl script to make it work with the new version.

After that I decide to a closer examination about the problems.
It can't be that after a upgrade all the sitescripts must be upgrade or don't work anymore.
To test te perl I have install the search with is in the site manager and that works.
After the testing I have make a copy to my local disk to check the settings.
Yes, the path to the perl script is changed!!
First it was:
after upgrading to perl 5.6.8. it is:
/usr/bin/perl -w
after I had change al the scriptssettings the site is now working good.

I don't know why this is happen,but I think that if there are upgrades in the manager panel this kind of problems what can happen must be told.
I think I'am not the only one who have this kind of problems when upgrading.
The manager panel is making for easy install programs and scripts for people who don't have much experience.
If than the install or path to programs changed it seems to me that you must give this information.

For those how ask why I have upgrade the perl version.
I get a lot of spam and as you know the last spam program is perl 5.6.8. equisitely

Ok, that's my story.
One thing about the support guy.
He takes the time to help you.
So I don't want to treat him.