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    Default Client Connection - Volume IV, Issue III

    WestHost Client Connection
    News & Updates from WestHost
    Volume IV, Issue III

    Contents of this issue:

    *Important Notices
    - WestHost 3.0 Launch
    *WestHost Success Story
    - Susan Haley:
    *What We Are Working On
    - WestHost 3.0 Upgrade
    *Current Specials/Promotions
    - Affiliate Payout Increase
    - Dedicated Server Special
    *Support Stats
    - E-mail, Live Chat, & Phone

    Important Notices

    - WestHost 3.0 Launch -

    WestHost 3.0 represents a number of significant and favorable changes
    for new and existing clients, and will launch this coming Monday,
    April 23rd. We're very pleased to offer this to our clients, and we
    feel you'll be happy with the changes as well.

    New accounts will have immediate access to the 3.0 system after the
    launch, and will enjoy a number of benefits inherent in the 3.0
    system, including:

    - An improved Site Manager, with better performance and a more
    intuitive interface. To view a screenshot demo of the new Site
    Manager, please go to

    - Upgraded applications, including:

    Perl 5.8.8
    MySQL 4.1.22
    MySQL 5.0.27
    Ruby 1.8.6
    Ruby on Rails 1.2.3
    AWStats 6.6
    Apache Tomcat 5.5
    Gallery 2.2
    ImageMagick 6.3.3
    Darwin 5.5.4

    Please note that existing clients will not have access to these
    upgraded applications until having been upgraded to the 3.0 system.
    The process of upgrading existing clients to WestHost 3.0 will
    start after the upcoming launch, and is scheduled to be finished
    by the end of September.

    - An upgraded kernel and Apache 2, which will allow WestHost and
    our clients greater flexibility in the deployment of future
    applications, as well as address some issues inherent with our
    previous kernel version, resulting in better overall performance.

    - An upgraded version of Sendmail (v. 8.13.1).

    With the release of 3.0, WestHost will also be deploying increases
    to our offering across some of our Personal and Business plans.
    WestHost will be sending notification of plan updates next week to
    clients whose plans have changed.

    WestHost Success Story

    Susan Haley:

    Susan has been a WestHost client for over 4 years. During that
    time she has used WestHost to assist her in providing reliable
    hosting for her e-commerce site. Read Susan's full success
    story here:

    Has WestHost helped you take your Web site/business to the next
    level? Have a success story involving WestHost that you'd like to
    share with others? Submit your story to WestHost and if we use it,
    you'll win a link to your Web site from WestHost's Web site and a
    $100 Amazon Gift Certificate!

    Submit your success story online at:

    What We Are Working On

    - WestHost 3.0 Upgrade -

    With the deployment of WestHost 3.0 just around the corner, WestHost's
    Hosting Systems department will concentrate on upgrading our existing
    clients over to the 3.0 system. All upgrades are anticipated to be done
    by the end of September. WestHost will send further notification
    regarding upgrades at the appropriate time.

    Current Specials/Promotions

    - Affiliate Payout Increased -

    WestHost's affiliate conversions have been great, and as a token of
    our appreciation to our hard-working affiliates, we're increasing the
    payout starting April 23rd, and for the entire month of May, to $85
    per affiliate referral!

    For details go to:

    - Dedicated Servers -

    WestHost is offering increased bandwidth and reduced set up fees
    on new dedicated servers!

    For details, go to:

    Current Technical Support Stats

    Average E-mail Response Time - 1 Hour 53 Minutes
    Average Live Chat Hold Time - 29 Seconds
    Average Phone Hold Time - 2 Minutes 58 seconds

    Note: We recommend that whenever possible, use e-mail support. We
    are better able to track problems, reply with detailed solutions, and
    reserve phone lines for those that have quick questions or needs.

    In the past month we have increased the size of our Technical
    Support Department and plan to bring on additional support to help
    respond more quickly to your requests. We apologize for any delays
    you might have experienced when contacting us with a support issue
    during the past couple of months. Our goal is to respond to every
    support request promptly, and to provide you with the best solutions
    to resolve your questions.
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