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    Default Mod rewrite and secondary domain

    Hi there,

    I have a few domains registered with westhost and on one of the sites I want to use mod_rewrite to convert my dynamic urls to static ones.

    I have the same Apache, PHP, MySQL set up on my local box and have tested out my mod_rewrite script and it executes flawlessly. When I uploaded my httpd.conf file (well, at least the rewriterules) to westhost, nothing happened (after restarting the VPS).

    The only catch or difference that I can think of is that these mod_rewrites are for a secondary domain that exists in a subfolder of my "/var/www/html" directory. My second domain points to "/var/www/html/secondDomain/".

    Will this cause a problem with my rewrites?

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    Also, when applying mod_rewrite rules, does WestHost tweak the url from to (as per my structure)? Is that what is throwing off mod_rewrite? Or am I losing it?

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    Don't know if this matters, but my rewrite.log file I created using the RewriteLog directive (Level 9) is 0 bytes.

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    Default Problem Solved

    You must placed the mod_rewrite code inside of your VirtualHost tag for that domain. Jeesh. Pain in my arse.

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