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    Default Subdomain when not transfered yet

    The business owner wants to keep the live pages at our original web host account and test the new pages in the WestHost account (dedicated IP). Therefore, I would assume the domain name has not been transferred.

    I am having a few problems with the subdomain and not certain if it is the settings or because the domain is not transferred. I am open to suggestions about a better way to handle the WebHost subdomain situation.

    main domain
    --web dir: /var/www/html

    --web dir: default

    Programs installed via Site Manager
    --Perl 5.8.7
    --PHP 5.2.0
    --MySQL5 5.0.27
    --PerlMySQL 1.53
    --phpMyAdmin 2.9.2

    Problem 1
    I have already noticed that the program links in Site Manager, such as phpMyAdmin, do not work because they use the and not the subdomain. I can get there by entering the subdomain URL in the browser.

    This makes me wonder if some of the other automatically installed programs, such as Perl:BI, will not work from the subdomain scripts.

    Problem 2
    I've installed this same perl/cgi script on numerous web hosts.

    Connection string

    "Can't connect to data source , no database driver specified and DBI_DSN env var not set"

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    Try using DNS to point '' at the old host and '' at the new WH Site (you have a static IP so it should be easy).

    I doubt if it will solve Problem 1, as that tends to be based on the domain name you first set the site up with.

    Problem 2 sounds like something is not installed properly. Maybe uninstall and reinstall things again. Failing that, contact support.

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    Default Database connection is working

    Jalal, I search and read a lot of your posts. With every search, it may not lead to what I needed, but I learn something new. I see the common sense of setting the domains like you mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't have the confidence to go messing about in that direction (yet); and fortunately, I didn't need to (yet).

    I did get the database connection working and I wanted to share my solution here for when someone else runs into the same error.

    In the script's config file where I was entering 'localhost', I had to add:
    "host=localhost;database=theSpecificDatabaseNa me".

    $dbh = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:host=localhost;database=yourDa tabaseName,
    {PrintError => 0, RaiseError => 1});

    I figured it out by creating a Perl script that was not connected in any way to the main shopping cart program and did nothing but connect to the database. Once I could confirm it worked, I knew it had nothing to do with the subdomain issue.

    Troubleshooting gets me nuts and loses me money on contract labor; but, I've got to admit that solving the puzzle is part of my addiction to web design.


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