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    Default Standard packages? you all use the standard packages that WestHost sets up in the reseller accounts?

    I've got basically two kinds of customers
    1) Basic, small company, small bandwidth, usually no e-commerce or less than 10 items
    2) Small business, e-commerce with lots of inventory, and lots of images for online store

    I was thinking of mirroring WH Personal Starter for type 1, and WH Business Starter for type 2. Does that sound about right?

    What would you recommend for each type?
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    I have never used the standard packages that WH supplies. There is an advantage to using them though. If you do stick with the ones supplied they are updated by WH. In other words if a new application or upgrade to an application comes available WH adds it to the those standard packages. If you create your own packages you have to make sure you go in and add them to the package once they become available.
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