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    How do I submit Press Releases?

    I have an online business and just added a section called Press Releases. As our company creates Press Releases they will be added in this section of our website.
    My question: How do I submit...
  2. How do I set the time zone for my web hosting?

    I am having an issue where it appears an incorrect time zone may be on my account. I am in Mountain Daylight Time and it appears that it's putting me as being in Eastern Daylight Time.
    I was told...
  3. It's a CRE Loaded website (OS Commerce based). I...

    It's a CRE Loaded website (OS Commerce based). I already transferred the database and am now just transferring the actual files. I thought it may have to do with permissions but also would think...
  4. Doing Transfer of Website-not all files are transferring

    I just transferred my website to this host. For some reason I have a difference in file sizes.
    The size of all of my files on the old host is 175.31MB (183,823,925). On the new host when I check...
  5. Looking for good CMS/Blogging Website software?

    I am planning on launching a content site in approximately a month. It will contain a lot of information, tips, reviews, and articles. I hope to someday post on it daily and at times multiple...
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    Best Blogging Software

    I have decided to create a blog that links off of my ecommerce website. It will be in a subdirectory, I will have links from the blog onto our regular website and of course...
  7. Social Shopping Sites/Shopping Comparison Sites?

    I posted on here earlier about Shopping Comparison sites such as Nexttag, Bizrate,, etc. but also now am wondering about Social Shopping Sites such as Kaboodle, ShopWiki, ThisNext, and...
  8. Blogging software for CRE Loaded (OS Commerce)?

    I currently use CRE Loaded 6.2 B2B and have been doing a lot of research on marketing ideas and I came across the idea of running a blog that attracts readers through search engines and of course...
  9. How do I have 2 SSL's on one web account-2 websites?

    I have a web hosting account and currently have a live e-commerce site on it using CRE Loaded. I originally had a shared SSL but recently got my own dedicated certificate that I purchased.
    I have...
  10. Glad to hear that. It may be something more...

    Glad to hear that. It may be something more likely related to my website or account then.
  11. Anyone have problem with lately?

    I am using CRE Loaded 6.2B2B, an OS Commerce based system. I was able to process credit cards and one day for no reason it stopped processing.
    I have had a developer look at my website and the code...
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    Fortunately we just got this issue figured out.

    Fortunately we just got this issue figured out.
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    Problem with Website-Won't show VVC Image

    I have a CRE Loaded E-Commerce website on my Westhost account which is an OS Commerce site. I know Westhost doesn't support modified OS Commerce sites but suggested that i come here to the boards...
  14. Problems with duplicate emails on iMap account

    Resolved Issue
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    Integration with Joomla and Quickbooks

    I am currently designing a web site that will be using Joomla as the content management system. Because of VirtueMart being easily integrated into Joomla I quickly chose Virtuemart for my shopping...
  16. I meant to ask this but as well if I make a html...

    I meant to ask this but as well if I make a html site that has links to Joomla can I also link from Joomla to my main html page, kind of like a button saying link to main page?
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    How to link two Joomla web sites?

    I am currently developing two web sites.
    Web Site A is a basic content only Joomla Web Site
    Web Site B is a combo web site, a Joomla Content Web Site and then a Virtuemart E-Commerce Site.

  18. That's a good suggestion. I bought a book on...

    That's a good suggestion. I bought a book on Dreamweaver not long ago and barely know HTML so am not sure how well I'd do at this but I like the idea of having that first page with links to certain...
  19. Thank you for your help. I'm trying to make the...

    Thank you for your help. I'm trying to make the web site as easiest as possible. It will be simply a Joomla site that will be connected with a VirtueMart shopping site. Is there a simple link or...
  20. Do I have web site link directly into Joomla or use HTML to link into Joomla?

    I'm not sure if the subject makes sense but I just set up a web site with Joomla. Westhost of course installs Joomla in a subdirectory in my web area. I can go to my web page,...
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    I actually think I'm going to end up going with...

    I actually think I'm going to end up going with VirtueMart since I'm using the Joomla content manager. The two are interfaced very well.
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    Updating Joomla

    I just installed Joomla 1.0.11 on my web site. I then went in and did a upgrade. I downloaded the 1.0.11 to 1.0.12 upgrade from Joomla's web site to do the upgrade. I simply used FTP to FTP the...
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    Does oscommerce work okay with Joomla?

    I am currently putting up a e-commerce web site which will also have a lot of content on it so I want a good content management solution. I decided on Joomla but originally was going to use...
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    Setting up Joomla and Virtuemart on Westhost

    I am going to be putting up a web site shortly that will be for a business that will write a lot of online articles, blogging, etc. and we've chosen to go with Joomla for this purpose. As well, there...
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    Thank you for the thorough response. It has...

    Thank you for the thorough response. It has given me plenty to research and I like that site where i can try a lot of the solutions out. I'm going to get started on that now.
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