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    Remember one thing, as with anything else you do...

    Remember one thing, as with anything else you do get what you pay for.

    (From experience) Cheaper Linksys hardware tends to last about a year or 2 for the more demanding users. The good news is...
  2. E-Trust Antivirus 7.1

    I personally use E-Turst Antivirus 7.1 by Computer Associates (Not EZ-Antivirus but the Commercial version).

    7.1 is reasonably priced and produces no overhead. Better yet, no subscription BS for...
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    Online Resources

    Being a Sys-Admin, I'll agree and say Dvduval is correct. Newegg and Tigerdirect for the most part. Directron has helped me find an odd case or power supply when I needed it. All three have good if...
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