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02-07-2007, 08:43 AM
WestHost Client Connection
News & Updates from WestHost
Volume IV, Issue I

Contents of this issue:

*Important Notices
- Upgraded Site Applications
- Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs
*What We Are Working On
- WestHost 3.0 Upgrade
*Current Specials/Promotions
- New Years Special Plans
- Dedicated Server Special
- Reseller Special
- Free Domain Registration
*Featured Resource
- WestHost Community Forums
*Support Stats
- E-mail, Live Chat, & Phone

Important Notices

- Upgraded Site Applications -

WestHost has recently upgraded several Site Applications and will be
deploying them across our servers during the first two weeks in
February. The following applications have been upgraded:

- Php 4.4.4
- Php 5.2.0
- MySQL 5.0.27
- WordPress 2.0.7
- eAccelerator 0.9.5
- osCommerce 2.2.060817
- mod_perl 1.2.9
- PhpMyAdmin 2.9.2
- Python 2.5
- PhpBB 2.0.22
- PerlMySQL 1.5.3

- Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs -

WestHost has recently implemented a new feature in spam rejection
called a Real-Time Blackhole List (RBL). RBLs reference lists of
IP addresses, maintained by outside entities, that have been flagged
as potential spam senders. During the process of accepting an
incoming e-mail, your mail server will take the IP address of the
computer sending you the e-mail and see if that IP address is listed
in an RBL. If the IP address has been listed then your mail server
will not accept the incoming e-mail. Otherwise, the e-mail will be

RBLs can significantly reduce the amount of incoming spam you
receive. This new Site Application is currently being deployed
across our servers during the first two weeks of February.

WestHost strongly encourages our clients to install RBLs on their
account by logging into Site Manager, clicking on "Site
Applications", navigating to and clicking the install button for
"Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs", and following the install

What We Are Working On

- WestHost 3.0 Upgrade -

WestHost has been hard at work these last few months implementing
some exciting changes for a future upgrade to our hosting platform.
WestHost 3.0 will offer a number of upgrades to our system, with
some of the more noticeable enhancements including a new interface
on a faster and more intuitive Site Manager. WestHost 3.0 will
also feature changes that will upgrade the web server and kernel to
more recent versions. These releases will allow WestHost greater
flexibility in deployment of future applications, as well as
address a few known issues with dependencies rooted in these
upgraded releases.

Westhost 3.0 comes about due to great client feedback. We appreciate
the time and effort of those who have submitted feedback to help
make our offering better.

WestHost will be conducting a beta test on the new 3.0 environment
starting in a few weeks. Clients wishing to help beta test are
encouraged to follow the steps outlined in this forum post:

WestHost 3.0 is scheduled to be deployed on existing servers
starting the second quarter of this year, with new signups having
access to WestHost 3.0 in April.

Current Specials/Promotions

- New Years Special Plans -

Extended through February, sign up for a new account and get up to
6 months free, free domain registration, and host up to 100 domains
on one plan for an incredible price -- and guaranteed for the life
of the account!

For details go to:

To UPGRADE to this plan, go to:

- Dedicated Server Special -

We are offering HUGE bandwidth increases and reduced setup fees when
signing up for a new Managed Dedicated Server plan.

For details, go to: http://dedicated.westhost.com/

- Reseller Special -

For a limited time we are doubling (2x) limits on new Reseller
Hosting Plans. Lock in to double space and bandwidth limits for
the life of the account.

For details, go to:

- Free Domain Registration -

Sign up for a new account and receive free domain registration or
transfer on either of WestHost's New Years Special Plans, when you
choose a billing cycle of 1, 2, or 3 years. Sign up for any new
account on one of our standard plans and receive free domain
registration or transfer when you choose a 2 or 3 year billing

Note: The free domain to be registered or transferred must be
submitted with a new hosting plan order. Term of free
registration is equal to first first billing cycle (i.e. 2 year
billing cycle equals 2 years free registration).

For details, go to:

Featured Resource

- WestHost Community Forums -

Over 4 years ago, WestHost launched our community forums at
http://forums.westhost.com/, offering our clients a platform to
share ideas, give feedback, and receive one more layer of
support for our products and services.

Today, there are close to 20,000 posts and 4,000 members!

If you have not already done so, go to http://forums.westhost.com/
and be part of the WestHost client community. There are many others
anxious to offer their suggestions, help, and/or feedback to your
questions and ideas.

Current Technical Support Stats

Average E-mail Response Time - 5 Hour 41 Minutes
Average Live Chat Hold Time - 34 Seconds
Average Phone Hold Time - 4 Minutes

We understand the importance of responding as quickly as possible
to every support request, no matter if it comes through our E-mail,
Live Chat, or Phone system. Because of this, we are increasing our
Technical Support staff in February to handle support requests in a
more timely manner.

Note: We recommend that whenever possible, use e-mail support. We
are better able to track problems, reply with detailed solutions, and
reserve phone lines for those that have quick questions or needs.