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01-29-2007, 05:23 PM
is it possible to use navicat or yoursql with a shared hosting account

01-29-2007, 07:50 PM
I have never tried it but there have been a few posts about Navicat from other members and it seems that they were able to get it running successfully. I just did a search in the forums for Navicat and a few threads were found. Hope that helps.


02-20-2007, 03:37 PM
Hello. I'm just switching over to Westhost from another provider, so forgive me if this doesn't work, but this is how I have done it in the past. This will only work if you have SSH access to your account; I'm not sure if it's available with "shared hosting".

You will need to use an "SSH Tunnel". Basically, you create an SSH connection to the Westhost server, and this connection acts as a "tunnel", which allows software on your computer (i.e. Navicat, EMS MySQL manager, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports) to see your MySQL database as if it were hosted on your computer. As a bonus, the SSH tunnel is encrypted, so no one can see your data as you use it.

You will need your SSH user name and password, and your server address. The first program to try is free, and it's called "Bitvise Tunnelier":

Install it, and in the main "login" page, enter your host (the mysql server IP or address), the port login (default 22), your username, and password.

Then, go to the "C2S Forwarding" page. Enter the following:

Status: Enabled
Listen Interface: (The local address Navicat will look for; works well)
Listen Port: (The port Navicat will look for a MySQL on; 3307 works well)
Destination Host: (The address of your MySQL Server)
Destination Port: (The port your MySQL server uses for connections; usually 3306)

Then click "login".

It should look like this:


Now, start your MySQL front-end, and point it to (that's "127.0.01, port 3307") Then, you'll have to enter a username and password for your database. Then you are good to go.

Navicat has built-in SSH tunneling, but I was never able to get it to work. But you can give it a try using the settings from above as a template.