View Full Version : Unmiversal Way to Add Space Between Products?

Amy Louise
11-30-2006, 04:42 PM
Would someone be able to tell me how to add universal space (like 2-3 blank lines) between products?

I mentioned that there was too much space between some of my Miva Shopping Page headings and the start of the first product photo/description. My web consultant took out <p>all</p> the spacing and then it also adjusted my products so that they're right on top of each other.

It's confusing now--you can't tell where one product starts and another ends.

I just want to add a couple of blank lines between the products. I asked the MIVA forum, and they told me I've got to go back and put "<p>" symbols in the last line of each products--that there was no universal way to change it out. I can't imagine I've got to do that for every product. My consultant was able to change them all out at one time--not individually...

Please help. My consultant doesn't have time to tell me what screen to look out to make the change. My website pages look confusing, and we all know the shopping frenzy is on!
Many thanks,