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WestHost Client Connection
News & Updates from WestHost
Volume III, Issue V

Contents of this issue:

*Important Notices
- Web Design Services Launched
- Reseller/Server Manager Upgrades
*What We Are Working On
- IMAP E-mail
- RoundCube Webmail
- phpBB Version 2.0.21
- Uebimiau Version 2.7.10
*Current Specials/Promotions
- Triple Limits Special
- Dedicated Server Special
- Reseller Special
- Free Domain Registration
*Featured Service
- Practical eCommerce Magazine
*Support Stats
- E-mail, Live Chat, & Phone
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Important Notices

- Web Design Services Launched -

We recently launched a web site design division here at WestHost.
This new department provides both quick solutions for getting online
and maintaining a web site, as well as custom services for those
with very specific needs.

Our new Web Design Packages are template-based, can be designed in
as little as 2 weeks, include professional consultation, search
engine submission and application customization, and start at only
$24.95/mo. On the other hand, our Custom Design Services allow for
even more creativity, programming, and development, yet are still
affordable (from $49/hr).

1. We can now make changes and updates to your web site for you with
affordable maintenance plans.

2. We can now install and customize all of our e-commerce solutions
for you, to insure seamless integration with your current web site.

3. We can now add additional pages to your current site, or redesign
the entire web site from scratch.

4. We can handle custom design, development and programming needs.

View our design packages at: http://www.westhost.com/web-site-design.html
Add our design services at: https://corp2.westhost.com/webdesignaddons/

- Reseller/Server Manager Upgrade -

This weekend, we will be making a major upgrade to our Reseller/Server
Manager interface. The upgrade brings with it increased functionality
and ease of use, in addition to some security and aesthetic upgrades.
We are also expecting speed increases for both Reseller/Server manager
and our Site Manager control panel.

What We Are Working On

- IMAP E-mail -

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a protocol for accessing
e-mail from your local server. It is also a protocol in which e-mail
is received and held for you on your Virtual Private Server. You (or
your e-mail client) can view just the heading and the sender of the
letter and then decide whether to download the mail. All your mail
stays on the server in multiple folders, some of which you have
created. This enables you to connect to your mail server from any
computer and see all your mail and mail folders. In general, IMAP is
great if you have a dedicated connection to the Internet or you like
to check your mail from various locations.

IMAP will be released in the coming weeks and will be in addition to
POP3 (Post Office Protocol) Mail, which is already supported at

- RoundCube Webmail -

RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP e-mail client
with a fast and intuitive application-like user interface. It
provides all the functionality you would expect from an e-mail
client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation,
message searching and spell checking.

We are working to release RoundCube with or shortly after the release
of IMAP.

- phpBB Version 2.0.21 -

phpBB version 2.0.21 will soon be released. phpBB is the world's
leading Open Source flat style discussion forum (message board)
software. It is high-powered, fully scalable, and highly
customizable. It allows your site visitors to communicate openly by
posting new topics, replying to existing ones and more. phpBB hosting
is that much easier at WestHost with auto-installation and version
updates. It requires the installation of MySQL and Mod_Php, and can
be installed from within the Site Applications section of your
control panel (Site Manager).

- Uebimiau Version 2.7.10 -

Uebimiau version 2.7.10 is coming soon. Uebimiau is a great web mail
application. With it you can view your mail directly on your mail
server from any computer with Internet access. Uebimiau is a simple,
yet efficient cross-platform mail reader.

Current Specials/Promotions

- Triple Limits Special -

For a very limited time, get triple (3x) limits (on space,
bandwidth, e-mail, and web sites/domains), up to 3 free months, and
3 years free domain registration! Special is offered according to
billing cycle chosen on new hosting plans:

- 3 Year Billing = 3x Limits + 3 Free Months + 3 Years Domain Reg
- 2 Year Billing = 3x Limits + 2 Free Months + 2 Years Domain Reg
- 1 Year Billing = 2x Limits + 1 Free Month

To sign up for a new hosting account go to:

To triple or double limits on your existing hosting account, go to:

- Dedicated Server Special -

We are continuing to offer huge bandwidth increases and reduced
setup fees when signing up for a new Managed Dedicated Server plan:

- Bandwidth TRIPLED on plans
- Setup fees reduced from $199.95 to $49.95 (on all plans)

This is a great opportunity if you are considering an upgrade from
shared hosting.

For details, go to: http://dedicated.westhost.com/

- Reseller Special -

We are doubling (2x) limits and offering a free month on new
Reseller Hosting Plans for a limited time. Sign up for one of our
Reseller Plans and get a free month, and double (2x) the space and
bandwidth limits for the life of the account.

For details, go to:

- Free Domain Registration -

Sign up for a new hosting plan with 2 year billing and get 2 years
domain registration or transfer fees waived. Get 3 years waived
with 3 year billing. Free domain to be registered or transferred
must be submitted with new hosting plan order.

For details, go to:

Featured Service

- Practical eCommerce Magazine -

Practical eCommerce magazine was launched in July 2005 and is
published monthly. Its mission is to provide easy-to-understand
articles and editorial for e-commerce owners, operators and
decision makers. They cover topics from shopping carts and payment
processing, to site design and Internet marketing.

Get the latest information on the e-commerce industry from those
that understand and are doing it best. Featured articles, premium
topics, Miva Merchant and osCommerce newsletters, forums, podcasts
and more.

WestHost Business Hosting clients now get 6 Months of Practical
eCommerce Free! For details, go to:

Current Technical Support Stats

Average E-mail Response Time - 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Average Live Chat Hold Time - 30 Seconds
Average Phone Hold Time - 2 Minutes 15 Seconds

Note: We recommend that whenever possible, use e-mail support. We
are better able to track problems, reply with detailed solutions, and
reserve phone lines for those that have quick questions or needs.

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