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09-27-2006, 12:28 AM
(From some KnowledgeBase in the www)

Follow these simple instructions to add streaming QuickTime content to your website:

1. Create/Convert QuickTime Content
Create or convert existing audio or video content to a QuickTime file using QuickTime Pro, or a specialized audio or video editing application which includes the QuickTime CODEC, such as Adobe Premiere.

2. Prepare for Streaming
Make sure the movie is self-contained, otherwise your movie will contain references to media content from the original source.

Open your movie in QuickTime Pro Player and choose "Movie to QuickTime Movie" from the Export menu. Choose your streaming option from the "Use" menu -- 40 kbps will permit 56K analog modems to stream correctly; faster rates will cause pauses in playback at this download speed. Make sure you select streaming option, and that "Fast Start" is selected. Select any additional options you require, choose a destination for the new file and click OK to save your QuickTime file.

Note: If "Fast Start" is not selected, your movie will not stream, thus requiring your visitors to download the complete file before playback commences. For advanced export options, visit the QuickTime Developer website. :)