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08-16-2006, 04:40 PM
Hello Westhosters,
I've been reading stuff on this forum for many months. Not enough, but please check out my web site done by our Spinning Silk friends. Please tell me what you think, what is crap, what is okay, etc. We launched today and in the coming weeks and months you can see your generous and or malicious advise put to action. So go ahead, say what you think. It might be fun! www.onemoreriver.com

08-17-2006, 08:07 AM
Odd way to do a site. :) All your links lead to different .com's that are down the left side... why? Why is the store button/link shown twice on the page?

There is not enough text on your site. There is no way that search engines will list you where folks will find you since they only read text on a page. Search engines do not follow images that are linked. They only follow text that is linked.

I would ditch the large 180 X 145 image links down the left side that lead to the other dot coms and replace them with smaller image links that stay at the same .com that gives more information about each item. It seems as if each .com focuses on each type of product you offer. You might want to develop them into a informational sites for that product that uses text to really "sell" the item. Then on those site you can explain that product can be purchased at the One More River web store (since that seems like where your cart is hosted).

You have good clean lines going with your artwork but the site looks a bit amateurish right now. I would develop the other .coms using the same style of clean lines but use the image and color scheme that you have in each button for the different sites. They will have a uniformity over you entire network of sites but still seem "individual".

I would have photos of the T shirts instead of the drawings. It really does not sell them very well and the images are not appealing.

I see in your source code that you have "protected" the email addy you have posted but I would think of using something a bit stronger as an encryption or go with a contact form instead of the posted email link. Pretty sure that your email can still be harvested by spammers which will cause you some headaches down the line. :)

08-25-2006, 01:51 AM
Shawn. You are awesome! I'm going to read your reply over and over. Some answers I have but, the text and the search engines,?, Wow! For monetary reasons we don't have the products we want for the different companies at this time. We had to delete, books, jewelry etc. I can't thank you enough. That was great. I have alot to think about and will try to understand and respond to your advise. I will post when I have something.
Thanks again!