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08-15-2006, 09:14 PM
I host/manage web sites for several non-profit entities and would like to move them over to CMSs to make my life easier.

The problem is deciding which CMS to use. There are several that I like, but I am not sure which ones "joe user" would be able to manage. By that I mean that I need a CMS which has simple management functions for posting news to the site, adding downloads, and sending out newsletters.

I can handle the rest of the management, but complete newbs should be able to post news, add downloads, and send newsletters. I use e107 on one site and like it a lot, but the non-geeks are baffled by it.

So here is a rundown of my requirements:
Easy to post news
Easy to send newsletters (with file attachments)
Easy to add downloads (that will be used as the file attachments as well)
Able to integrate with at least one major forum (vB, IPB, SMF)
SSL-capable (logins and designated pages)
Open Source

Bonus points go to any CMS with robust administrator access and security features.


08-16-2006, 02:42 AM
It may be worth looking at Wordpress with a File Manager module. It sounds like you don't need a full featured CMS. The only thing I'm not sure if it has is a 'sending newsletter' module, but then I've never looked...

08-16-2006, 06:03 AM
Wordpress is certainly easy to post news. I hadn't looked at it before. You are right that it would require plugins to get the functionality we need.

But I do think a CMS is more appropriate than a Blog. One major reason is that the management of this particular non-profit organization rotates fairly often (military volunteers). You never know what the next group of leadership will want the site to do. So starting with a CMS (as opposed to a blog) gives me room to grow and meet those requirements.

Thanks for the excellent suggestion!