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07-11-2006, 12:32 PM
I'm doing a very basic, template based site. Talk very slowly...

I would like to add a flash Flickr badge to my site to help show off new products. I have the code to paste into my page...and I have done this on my blog already. But I think I can't do this directly in Wesite Creator. Can anyone tell me what database I should find to paste into? (essentially, I need page 7 of my site content.) What site application I should use to find said database? any precautions I should take? (other than put the mouse down and back away from the computer??) Is there an easier way?
Thanks so much!

07-12-2006, 08:23 AM
I have not used the Website Creator for some time but I think it had an option where you could "look and edit" the code of the page. I think it would be on the screen where you are editing the page. I don't know what WYSISYG editor they use but most of them have and button at the top (where you fromat things like font and such) that is to switch the view between the default and code view. See if you can find that button. Then you are going to have to find the area in the code you need to insert that so it shows on the right place on your page.

UPDATE: I just had a look at the Demo and it looks like there is a the option to switch but they have modified things so that this option does not show the HTML code.

The F8 and F9 keys will allow you to switch between "Preview" and "Edit" mode...

What you are trying to do is add a flash file just like you have as your intro but WH seems to have limited that. I don't think that things are written to a database but to an actual file on the server. Look and see if you can find it by FTP'ing to your site or useing the File Manager that you can access via your Site Manager.

It may be this is a case of "Step away from the..." :) Do a google search on "Basic HTML tutorials". That is the starting point of the knowledge you are looking for in order to release your self form the bonds of Website Creator. :)

07-12-2006, 10:18 PM
Thanks Shawn, as always...
at the moment, tech sup it trying to figure out why I have no content in my current WC app. I was having trouble logging in, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the app...Matt says it should pick up the existing file from the live site and be able to go from there. But it is not. Other apps are mentioning something about "tables linking being disabled" and I wonder if that could be why apps are on speaking terms. Because I update intermittently my personal knowledge base grows and slows about equally! I tried buying a wysiwyg editor (visual sitedesigner from coffee cup...it was actually labeled "website creator'' so I had hopes it was a related product and could "speak" WC, but evidently not. I have to learn to bridge the ftp I guess...
I will try your suggestions! Thanks!

07-13-2006, 09:17 AM
The error you mention about "table linking" should not effect things that I know of. Unless it has something to do with a MYSQL database that is outside your account that WH sets up to administer things. All MYSQL databases that are set up when you install via Site Manager for individual account are like that and there is no real need for it normally unless you are doing something fancy. :) I have activated it before on accounts but takes altering config setting manually. In fact I think that maybe it is a phpMyAdmin thing and not really "part" of MySQL "proper" (I just don't have a deep enough knowledge of this.).

It sounds like you are at the point with your website where exploreing FTP and how to upload site files will be of advantage to you. It is very possible that the visual sitedesigner program has an option in it for uploading sites via FTP built in. (I am not familiar with the program.) It might mean starting over to some extent but what you would do is use the program to create your site on you local computer then upload those files to your site overwriteing the existing files.

If you can get FTP working for you then you could log into your account and grab the "template" of what you are useing now and base your new site you set up on your local computer off of that. If you did that when you first log in you will be at the root of your account and you will need to navigate to /var/www/html. Many FTP programs or even website creators give a place where you can set this path in the configuration so that when you log in you are taken to the directory from the start. In fact more then likely you with a website creator you will have to set that path as the "public www root" or something that sounds similiar. That is where the files are kept that the public can access via browser.

It may seem a bit confuseing at first but we are here if you need to ask a question. :) Even I was a bit thrown when WH first switched our accounts from the old shared system to the VPS system where we have more access to all the files that run our site.

07-13-2006, 01:15 PM
Shawn, I think you are right about me wanting to move past WC. Even though I don't really know what I am doing, I know I want "more." This is typical for other aspects of my creative life. Jump in and do it badly! That's ok. I downloaded a trial version of Dreamweaver late last night and am trying to get it to import my existing page. I think I've got it, as I have "files" listed from my site, but nothing looks like the content I added. I will try again with the Template folder you mentioned. I do believe I used the /var/www/html folder as my root, but I don't see it in the files. Perhaps that is because it is up one level. I'll go look for a Dreamweaver for Dummies or something...
I do want to be able to build from my old site so that I can learn what it took to create that.
Oh...I forgot to mention, Tech support says a limitation of WC Lite is that once deleted, it won't read the files on the live site. I would have to re do the whole **** thing. If I have to re do anything, perhaps it better that I be able to make the changes I desire. Just what I did NOT need right now, a new major "project"!