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05-18-2006, 01:23 AM
Do I qualify for moving an existing website to WestHost if I leave my DNS setup through ZoneEdit (which I like - I've had my domains set up through them for several years) and just edit it to point to the WestHost server I am assigned to? I would not have to change my registration setup with #1CheapDomains at all (currently set to point to ZoneEdit), correct?

I am on a tight budget right now, but I think I can pay for a year if I get 4 months free. That would come to $9.95 times 8, equals $79.60, right? Is there any tax associated with this?

Can I add the static IP option later (when I can afford it)? If I added it now, would that also be free for 4 months?

05-18-2006, 03:01 AM
You'd be best off emailing sales directly. These forums are mainly populated by us humble customers... although a 'salesdroid' may show up here.


05-18-2006, 08:34 AM
I aggree with Jalal that you should contact sales through the contact page. I will say though that I am pretty sure that the 4 months free are added on to your account. In other words you would still be paying for a full year but you would end up with 16 months of hosting instead of just 12. At least that has how things have been in the past.

05-18-2006, 01:38 PM
Thank you Jalal & WildJokerDesign! I contacted sales & they replied (for help to anyone else with a similar question):

As long as the domain name has been registered longer than 60 days you are eligible for the free months. The free months are added to the end of your chose billing cycle. We charge no tax. You can add the IP address at anytime.
Matt Platis
Client Services

05-18-2006, 06:16 PM
Great. And see, if you sign up with Westhost you'll get the invaluable advice of customers such as the Joker and me....


05-19-2006, 04:02 PM
Unfortunately, I decided that I couldn't justify the expense at this time in my budget crunch, so I won't be able to take advantage of the free months offer. I have signed up for a small free website at memebot.com so that I can experiment. It doesn't have any of the great features that WestHost offers, and certainly doesn't have the "invaluable advice of customers such as the Joker and" you ;) but you can't beat the price!

Maybe in a few months my budget will loosen up to the point where I can sign up with a real webhost. I am still trying to decide between WestHost and LunarPages. I was previously leaning towards LunarPages, but I had a client who used them as their webhost, and they (and me, as I was their webmaster until I moved out of state) were plagued by spam and spoofing via their website. I never did figure out how to combat that (other than filtering after the fact). Have there been complaints of this at WestHost?

05-20-2006, 12:43 PM
If you go with LunarPages you'll miss out on WildJokers contributions!

Regarding spam and spoofing etc. This is nothing to do with the hosting company. They simply provide web space and associated services. But its those associated services that *you* can use to combat the spam. WH provide SpamAssassin and sendmail, plus the ability to add in other programs of your choice if you want to. BUt it is up to you to tune them as you need for your customers.


05-20-2006, 02:42 PM
I am glad you mentioned the spam and spoofing Jalal. I started to post something the other day but just could not get the words formed right. :)

I like the control that WH gives me over such things. It really is not hard to keep the spammers out with a little bit of tweaking of SA and my local mail client. As far as spoofing goes I really don't see anyway to combat it really.

Radagast, have you thought of maybe going with WH on a month by month plan. It cost a bit more each month but $7.95 a month is still not bad even if your domain is a hobby or vanity site. Heck I spend more then that on lunch most days. :) The added benifits really are worth it.

05-20-2006, 04:00 PM
Thanks again, Jalal & WildJokerDesign!

WildJoker, my budget crunch is so bad right now, I have to spend the $7.95 on a loaf of bread & some ham to make 8 lunches out of! :( I really don't know why I was even considering signing up now. I was trying to find a place to make some files available for friends & associates & it reawakened my desire to build a proper website for my domain. When I saw the special offer WestHost had, I thought I could squeeze my wallet enough to take advantage of it, but I finally came to my senses and restored my priorities. So, I will have to live with memebot's no frills free hosting for now.

As regards spamming & spoofing, I did manage to filter most of the spam, but it irked me that I got 20 or 30 times the spam to contend with via the mailserver on LunarPages than what I got via all of my other mail paths put together. But the spoofing is what botherd me the most. And I never found a way to combat it.

I continue to receive a dozen or more e-mails a day from mailer daemons, etc. bouncing mail that purports to be from me, but that I never sent. Almost all of these have a from address (but not anything in the actual routing headers) that points to my domain that I used to forward to from my client's domain on LunarPages. My client and his staff had similar problems. Very little of that occurs using my other domains that have not had any contact with LunarPages accounts. That leads me to believe that domain information (and who knows what else) is not sufficiently secure from prying spammers as one would hope at LunarPages.

I know that most of these messages could be blocked by eliminating the default mail address for my domain, but I want to monitor what is happening with my domain. The excess of these bounce messages make me afraid that my domain will be blacklisted through no fault of my own! I only send a dozen or so e-mails per month, but I get many dozens of these bounce messages, sometimes a dozen in one day! Some of them indicate that they were bounced because a virus containing attachment was detected. That sort of thing could ruin my domain's reputation. How can this be defended against? :(

05-20-2006, 06:03 PM
Not sure how Lunar does it but here at WH you do get a main user that you log in with. I never use that for email and there is no problem at all with doing that at least not how WH sets things up. You also have the option to turn on "catch all" for your email account with WH but by default this is not on. That is because that is where most the spam comes from. I create a user for each email addy I want which allows me to do full SA scans on them.

I very rarely use aliases. I never post my email addy on my site unless it is somehow "disguised". I use free Yahoo and Hotmail accounts for signing up for "junk". Both have heavy scanning on email and it does not matter if that catches what "may" be legit mail since I never use them for critical stuff.

With some accounts on WH you have the option of a Static IP. This can help some on the spoofing simply because then you have the option of an SPF record. You still have to contact WH to have that added but last time I did it was not problem. This can help with the bounce backs to a point since major companies Yahoo, MSN have started checking mail against the records. At one time there was talk of us being able to do the same but not sure where WH is on that.

Most likely you are on a shared IP with Lunar. If someone else on that shared IP is a spammer (very likely) then you run the risk of haveing the IP banned even though you have not done anything.

I fully understand the limitation of monies. :) Hopefully when you get ahead a bit you'll remember WH and give them a try. Maybe some of the things I mentioned above could be related to your account a Lunar.