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04-13-2006, 10:15 PM
We've been running our online store hosted on Westhost since the beginning of the year. So far we've had positive responses from our customers about the products and the website but I'd love to hear from some experts here.


Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance,


04-19-2006, 03:09 PM
I liked it. Very nicely done, I think. The only thing I would add is your business mailing address on your contact page.

Just my two cents.

11-07-2006, 12:34 PM

First off, I think this site is polished, professional and the design is well thought out and feels "trustworthy". I've had a lot of experience building big name consumer and retail sites and I think this looks like something I'd see in the top 70%.

So, with that said, my critique will be appropriate to that level. :)

* The proportion of the logo and top "tag" navigation as compared to the rest of the page elements is larger than it needs to be. I'm a large proponent of usability design (vs. design for design's sake), so I like large clickable areas, but I see some downsides to this:
- The rest of the site uses small fonts, so you're not making your site overall any more usable by using large elements at top.
- Making these elements large pushes down more important messages below (free shipping, satisfaction guaranteed, ...)

* Item names under Products are difficult to distinguish. Preceeding each item with "The" and ending it with "Zabba" adds to the difficulty in perceiving each link as unique. I don't suggest changing your item names, but perhaps design can help provide a workaround this issue.

* Navigation item "We Support" is ambigious and sounds like it's trying to be cute. I would offer that if a user is looking for help, they want links that are very clear and direct over being humored by a cute ambigious name.

* I would question the effectiveness of having a dedicated testimonials page. I think a more effective way to instill trust in your company would be to combine testimonials with an "About us" or company story page. The two support each other and I dare say, "about us" is probably more likely to attract eyeballs than "testimonials" alone.

* I would add a "Returns" page and make it a high level item on your site (on par with shipping information). Simply knowing they can return items is very important when customers are deciding if they want to shop with you or not.

* The main image of the baby is great. It's also great that it links to a product page. However, you should make it clearer on the image itself where the link will take them. I'd recommend saying something like "AllyZabba blanket" or something like that. I won't keep harping on this, but having a product name be the web site/company name is a little confusing, so you may need to clarify this whenever you use either.

Overall, I think the homepage looks great and you definiely address many of the customer's concerns when deciding to shop and research products. You offer good entry points to your catalogue and in all, it looks very inviting. I have no fear that once I start navigating the site, I'll get lost since it looks well thought out.

Good luck with the site!