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03-20-2006, 02:54 PM
I have noticed something interesting and extraordinarily frustrating. I have recently set up my account and added additional domains to it. Right now I'm on the "Personal Value" plan that includes 3 domain names and 10 subdomains. The first domain name is the main name, we'll call it maindomain.com. It comes with a www subdomain that you cannot delete. I've added 3 additional domains as well, beyond the 2 extra that are already included, at the current price of $10 each. None of these come with any built-in subdomains. So, I have 6 domains total, 5 that I have created.

For some reason, navigating to www.extradomains.com shows me the pages for www.maindomain.com unless I manually add the www subdomain within Site Manager. "The standard 'www'" subdomain isn't included. So, now I've added a www subdomain for the 5 add-on domains, for a total of 5 subdomains that I have created, 6 total if you count the www.maindomain.com subdomain.

This is the fun part though: whenever I try to add another subdomain (the 6th that I have created, 7th total), I get an error saying "VDS has already 10 virtual hosts which is the maximum permitted number of virtual hosts." Apparently, you cannot add more than 10 extra virtual hosts to your account, not just subdomains. As a result, nobody on this plan would be able to utilize the 3 domains and 10 subdomains advertised (as this would really be 12 virtual hosts).

Anyway, this has me fairly peeved considering I've already paid my $10 for the domains, I can't pay for additional subdomains without changing my account, and I'm not technically getting what I'm paying for.

Has anybody else run into this? (I couldn't find anything on the forums.) Can anybody suggest a workaround for this? I don't think editing the httpd.conf and adding a VirtualHost line will work right because I doubt it would get entered into WH's DNS servers without going through Site Manager. Thanks in advance...

WestHost - TErnstrom
03-20-2006, 04:04 PM
Please PM me your domain name. This sounds like an issue with the package that needs to be looked into.

You shouldn't have to do a work around to fix this. Let me see what we can do on our end!