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03-04-2006, 07:31 AM
I notice that WestHost has rolled out the new look on thier main page. The people in the image are a bit more prominent in this verison then the old one and it got me to wondering.... "Are these WestHost employees or just stock people images?" Not really an important question but something that popped into my mind. :)

So what does everyone think of the new look? I did notice that it seems to have been incorporated into part of the pop up info system and I think that is much better as it gives a bit more detail and the window that opens allows you to move to more then one subject. The entire layout of things seems to be a bit cleaner and streamlined and hopefully this will make it easier for them to make changes to the site. I wonder if the old layout was too complicated makeing it hard to change the information and thus often infromation was outdated or links where broken. Also looks like the amount of images on the page layout have been reduced which is always a good move. ;)

I see the Real Support tag has shown up although the original tag line is still used. There is now a Real Support image on the front page and resulting link. Back to my original question... "Is that some of the support folks in that image?". I notice that the word IN-HOUSE is in bold. I would assume that means that support is handled in the same place as where our accounts are hosted and I think maybe that is not emphasised enough. Although I think you can get decent support from companies that outsource thier support I do feel that if the technicians actually work in the "same building" that in the long run they are going to be able to do more for you. I also think that on the support page that it would be worth pointing out the Custom Services. I know you pay more for it but I think it could be a selling point to a person who is perhaps looking for a hosting company that could also install custom programs if needed by the user.

I like the Community Involvement page. It highlights one of the main reasons I have always been such a strong supporter of WestHost. I feel they are a company that is commited to delivering a quality product that can be relied on. You might wonder why a page showing what they do in thier local comunity says this about a company. Well it lets me know that they fully rooted in thier own community and plan to be around for a long time. A company with a good foundation is going to be around for a long time and think that that is worth quite a bit in the internet bussiness.

03-04-2006, 09:35 AM
I like the look... clean and simple. Under the hood, they could have used a few more progressive coding techniques. Table-based designs are very outdated.

WestHost - TErnstrom
03-06-2006, 08:16 AM
In effort to verify your assumptions, YES, those pictured on the website are indeed WestHost employees. The people pictured on the Real Support page, are among those technicians you speak with regularly... IN-House.

The marketing department wanted to move away from stock photography and use real, friendly, people on the website. I believe that all of the photographs now used are actual WestHost employees (Stock images may still pop-up now and again when advertisting for specials however).

I hope this helps to verify your suspicions.

03-06-2006, 04:16 PM
Thanks Tina! It is kind of nice to be able to put a face to to some of the voices... although I bet I will assign the wrong faces to voices. :)