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01-29-2006, 05:23 PM
I'm having trouble with my gallery and need some advice. I've been playing email tag with cust support for days...no solutions yet so I come to you helpful folk. I'm new to this so be gentle...

When I look at my gallery, either via the admin log in or via my site, my gallery photos are not showing up consistently. Sometimes some thumbnails are there...sometimes another batch will show up. Sometimes a look at the album page will reveal a photo...but sometimes nada. I have imagemagick installed...I also installed GD but prioritized IM. I have tried uninstalling gallery and reinstalling. I THINK I have all database software installed that I should need, and am not getting any error messages. WestHost increased my php memory setting (but Imagemagick in not supposed to fail there anyway.) Another weird thing that happens, is that when I attempt to edit a photo or crop thumbnails from within gallery, the entire browser window simply vaniishes.

Any ideas? I realize that you may need some info about what is installed...just tell me where to find the info you need. Please note, all photos and arrangements of things are temporary as I learn the ropes. I do not think the quality or design is acceptable yet. I am trying to set this up via the templates, and then change things from there. Just my design disclaimer!!!
Thanks for your thoughts!

01-29-2006, 07:00 PM
ok, I just had a friend check too, and she sees the photos, seemingly as intended. So the question remains...why am I not? connection issues? I'm on a weak wireless network.... ideas?

01-30-2006, 10:31 AM
The Gallery seems to be working fine from my end. I am not seeing any missing Thumbnails that I can detect. It does appear as if you have not uploaded images to the earrings, designworks junior and finds albums. Is that correct? BTW it is a good thing I guessed where you had installed you gallery since it is not linked on your main site. :)

More then likely it has to do with your local computer or the browser you are useing. Also Gallery is a very powerfull program but can be hard to get a handle on for the average user at first. Spend a lot of time at thier site reading through the documentation to try and get an idea of how things work. I have spent tons of time there and still am a bit lost. :p

In regards to the editing features within the Gallery... The Crop Thumbnail tab or option uses a java-applet to display the image to be edited. I have found that on my set up in I.E. the applet does not work and all I see if a red X where the image should be (default action of I.E. if it can not display an image). I am pretty sure this has to do with a setting in I.E. in regards to what I am willing to let be displayed but have not really looked at changeing it since I use FireFox (which does work) if I want to use this feature.

What OS (operateing system, PC/Mac) and Browser are you useing when you view your site?

Something to remember when you are setting up and playing with something that there is always a chance that your browser is showing you a chached version of a page. This can often lead to confusion if you have made a change and then it does not show up. Often closeing down the browser and opening up a new browser session will take care of this or you can clear the browser cache sometimes and that will help. It is not always the answer but one thing that will often catch me if I am makeing changes. I have heard folks in the past say "I don't know I woke up this morning and it worked!". That was most likey a case where the browser was cacheing the page and not serveing up the new version. :)

01-30-2006, 01:50 PM
Thanks for checking Shawn! I am using XP on a PC and Internet Explorer. I did think about the caching issue, but that doesn't seem to help. I am now playing with my pop up blocker, to see if that (or something else in my control) is blocking the java applet. Certainly, I can edit thumbnails before I upload.
You saw all the photos...there aren't any on the pages you found empty. And I did link gallery via the photo on my "what's for sale" page, I just didn't label it since it isn't working (at least for me!)
You are right about the documentation at Gallery's site. It is extensive. I have spent hours...and am sure I will spend more.
I will also try accessing Gallery admin from my other desktop PC, (XP pro and IE) to see if it makes any difference.
Thanks again. If you think of anything else to try, let me know. It is hard to publish a catalog you can't even see!!

I just reinstalled Java on my computer...and lo and behold...I can edit thumbnails!!!!!!!!! I still can't see all photos, but it is a start! Thanks for mentioning Java. I thought I was updated--but I guess not!

01-30-2006, 04:02 PM
I bet that I don't have java installed on my I.E. browser either which is most likely why I dont' see the Thumbnail Applet. I am just too lazy to make the chance and spend as much time useing FireFox as I do I.E. :)

If you don't have FireFox you might try downloading it and checking your site with that. If you don't have problems with images in FireFox then you know it is something in the I.E. browser. Could very well be and addon that was installed into your browser bar... Google, Norton or some other.