View Full Version : Disclose to customers that you don't keep their logs for long

01-17-2006, 01:13 PM
With respect the default setting for logs. I suggest you make it clearer to members that you don't keep their stats for long.

You have a low rotation and MB setting (5 files/1MB) and I've lost months of stats on various accounts because nobody ever told me about the ridiculously low limits you have. No other host I know has limits that low (works out to about 5 days worth on most sites). Customers can change the settings but YOU DON'T MAKE THEM AWARE THAT YOU HAVE SUCH A LOW SETTING so they don't know they need to make the changes.

You don't tell them about the low settings on the sales pages telling them how great your products are - and not even on the welcome letter.

I think you should make them aware of it before they end up losing all their stats like I did.