View Full Version : Ray's Helpful Computer Tips?

12-12-2005, 05:38 AM
I got an e-mail message this morning with the above subject heading. The web site in the message gives the indication when it is loading that it's is Yahoo hosted (I can see the stuff loading in the status bar). However it want's you to subscribe to an e-mail list that appears to be hosted on a westhost server. His site appears very generic and I've found more comprehensive tips elsewhere. Anyone else seen this? If "Ray" reads this board and you are legit forgive me for being suspect but this whole thing "smells odd". Just thought I would bring this to the attention of both Westhost and fellow clients.

Oh, one more thing the sender of the e-mail is coming from a netzero account with the user name of dydyGitha. Nothing seems consistant plus the detail header.

All I can say is be careful. It looks like a strange bit of spam and Ray if you are legit and reading this you may want to make things like less spammy.