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12-06-2005, 09:26 AM
Hi...I am currently using Miva Merchant for my online store. I have a standard html page, which is submitting information via 'forms'. I recently discovered 'Joomla' and was so impressed with it that I decided to upgrade my site to it. I have not have any experience with using Miva Merchant, from a Content Management System. I like the functionality 'Joomla' provides, for activating a new user registration (this opens up options to the user within Joomla). But, how do I pass this information over to Miva Merchant, at the point of user registration? Or, are the Miva registration and Joomla registrations so different that I should treat them separately? I don't want to overburden potential customers!

Likewise, Joomla provides search capability for News Feeds, Blogs, and, the Joomla site. How can I expand this search to include results from my 'store'? I thought about including an internal '.xml' feed, but, this would be very very time consuming and I would prefer to handle this in a dynamic fashion.


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12-07-2005, 01:07 PM
I did some searching and found nothing on integration of the two. I have seen integration of some CMS programs like Joomla with other shopping carts but it seems like for the most part they have kept the user database and registration seprate. I think this has to do with both security and ease of upgrading. The one integration that I am thinking of has simply added an option to use the CMS user info to register to the shopping cart. The actual login is kept seperate.