View Full Version : Miva 5 UPGRADE setup dies with ERROR

10-25-2005, 06:55 PM
FALSE ALARM -> After proceding with the setup, saw the next help paragraph under the dbase settings. Can ONLY use mySQL dbase, not MivaSQL, in my case.

[End] of problem, Miva store is installed okay .

I purchase MIVA 5 Upgrade license

I go to MANAGER and upgrade mySQL, PHP

After a day go to MANAGER again and UPGRADE miva 5.0 and the 2nd attempt ended successfully.

Their are several links to choose from at the close up upgrade.

I choose SETUP 5

When it asks for the miva database creation input, i leave the selection as it is:

[ ] MivaSQL (which is the default)

...and NO user, password and no flags
(according to the HELP doc, leave these fields blank when selecting MivaSQL.)

The return page is this:
"Runtime error in dbapi_mivasql.mvc @ : lib/dbapi_mivasql.mv:
Line 39: MvCREATE: Database type 'mivasql' is unsupported or not configured"

The other dbase option is "MySQL". Dare i choose this one? NOTE: I have TruXoft modules all over the place and don't know if he looks after mySQL much.

Any of you had this problem ? Any reply on this would be appreciated.