View Full Version : No e-mail notification on order & cant find order

10-06-2005, 03:42 PM
Hey guys, I have a customer that mad an on-line order but did not register (create an I.D.) so we did not get a e-mail notification. How can I set it if some one makes a purchase but does not creat an ID and still get the notification? Also, I can not find the actuall order within Miva to know what exactly was ordered? Any help is appreciated

10-06-2005, 05:16 PM
Are you using the PayPal module? This is rather common amongst people who use PayPal to collect payments with MM. They complete the financial transaction through PayPal but don't complete the checkout through MM. Thus, the order isn't finalized, the information isn't saved, and no order notifications are sent out.

His order information is likely to still be in MM's database, assuming you haven't deleted expired baskets or packed the databases.

The database files you want are baskets.dbf and basklist.dbf (and .dbt). They're located in /home/youraccountname/htsdata/Merchant2/00000001.

Most spreadsheet programs can open these files, including the one that comes with the free office suite, OpenOffice.org.

You'll have to find the Session_ID the customer was issued in the "basklist" table/file, and then match it to the Basket_ID. Then use the Basket_ID to look up the ordered products in the "baskets" table/file.

You may need to download the other basket tables/files if there were any attributes associated with the products he order.