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09-11-2005, 09:54 AM
Greetings all. I decided to try and install Bugzilla on my VPS (codehooligans.com) I have a few clients and felt this was a good way to allow them to track bugs.

So I downloaded the latest stable version (2.18.3). Unzipped it into a folder and ran the checksetup.pl. Here is the first part of the output:

Checking perl modules ...
Checking for AppConfig (v1.52) ok: found v1.56
Checking for CGI (v2.93) found v2.56
Checking for Data::Dumper (any) ok: found v2.101
Checking for Date::Format (v2.21) ok: found v2.22
Checking for DBI (v1.36) found v1.13
Checking for DBD::mysql (v2.1010) ok: found v2.1026
Checking for File::Spec (v0.82) ok: found v3.09
Checking for File::Temp (any) ok: found v0.16
Checking for Template (v2.08) ok: found v2.14
Checking for Text::Wrap (v2001.0131) found v98.112902

Bugzilla requires some Perl modules which are either missing from your
system, or the version on your system is too old.
They can be installed by running (as root) the following:
/usr/bin/perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Text::Wrap"'
Minimum version required: 2001.0131
/usr/bin/perl -MCPAN -e 'install "CGI"'
Minimum version required: 2.93
/usr/bin/perl -MCPAN -e 'install "DBI"'
Minimum version required: 1.36

When I try and run any of these CPAN installs I get nothing but errors. For instance trying to install Text::Wrap:

"Cannot forceunlink /usr/local/perl/lib/5.6.0/Text/Wrap.pm: Operation not permitted at /usr/local/perl/lib/5.6.0/File/Find.pm line 475"

On DBI (upgrade) I get error 11 errors all over.

I'm using the standard Westhost Perl install. I've even performed an uninstall, removed my ~/.cpan folder and re-installed.

I'm not really a Perl person. Just wondering it anyone has tried installing Bugzilla or is willing to assist?


09-11-2005, 02:55 PM

Just FYI I gave up on Perl. Blew most of my Sunday trying to figure this one one. Decided to go with Mantis which is a PHP/MySQL solution. Appears to be just as robust and VERY **** easy to install.