View Full Version : PerlDesk or Request Tracker install

08-09-2005, 01:17 PM
I'm currently in need of a Help-Desk solution for a small business of about 5 - 10 Customer Support staff who answer between 100 and 150 inquiries daily.

After some research I've narrowed it down to PerlDesk and RT. After reading the RT installation instrucitons, I've come to the conclusion that it's impossible to intall it under a VPS, as user accounts don't have sufficient permissions an RT requires binaries to be installed under /usr/ and an RT group to be created.

My original first choice, PerlDesk, looks like a great solution and I'm more than willing to pay the full retail cost for a 10-15 user license. Before I make the purchase, however, I'd like to know whether my VPS meets all system requirements for installation and operation.

Unfortunately the PerlDesk official site and documentation don't provide any in-depth information or requirements other than "MySQL", "PERL", "Apache".

To anyone who's read all the way through to the very bottom, my question is simple. Has anybody installed and used PerlDesk successfully under their VPS account?

I appreciate all information or suggestions that you may have. Thanks in advance!