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07-26-2005, 03:37 PM
Anyone do this yet, and if so, are there any tricks? Any horror stories? Is it all set up to be automatic by WestHost through CP, or do I need to follow Miva's step by step instructions?

Any input from someone who has upgraded from 4.XX to 5 is appreciated!

07-27-2005, 06:45 AM
Haven't done it, but just thought I'd throw in the fact that you'll be charged $149 for doing it. Doesn't say so in site manager which is kinda weird but saw a message here that says that you have to pay for the upgrade. When I inquired to support, Westhost says its because they pay $900 for each persons original license (I hate it when WH customer service reps lie to you) and that $149 is a great bargain.... but we could cancel our account and resign up and get Miva 5 for free because they will pay $900 to Miva for it instead of making us pay $149 for it. Strange currencies indeed!

07-27-2005, 08:23 AM
The WH site manager simply installs Miva 5 and leaves your old store intact. YOU have to export your old store and import it into your new Miva 5 installation. WH gives you the instructions on how to do this when you install.

WestHost - ZEsser
07-27-2005, 09:25 AM
Hello All,

Just thought I'd post some clarification concerning Miva 5.

Indeed you do need to pay for an upgrade license if you'd like to upgrade your store to Miva 5. It WILL tell you in Site Manager that you need to obtain a license from WestHost for the application to work. It tells you before you start the process that you should contact WestHost to obtain the upgrade license, and then again in the upgrade instructions it says:

"NOTE: You will need a ‘Miva Merchant 5 Upgrade License' to upgrade your Miva Merchant 4 stores to Miva Merchant 5. You may purchase this license at https://corp.westhost.com/addons/"

If we find this has not been documented clearly enough for our users, we'll absolutely take measures to fix the problem.

Lastly, I believe our support agent misunderstood your question concerning Miva 5 Girl, Geek, Nascent, because it appears he quoted you for a new license, (albeit incorrectly on that as well). A new license from Miva is $995, and an upgrade license is $399. WestHost sells the upgrade license for $149, which we feel is a great deal. WestHost absolutely has to pay Miva for these licenses as well.

Hopefully that adds some clarification to the process for everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me directly, or contact our support/sales departments.

Thanks for the feedback!

07-27-2005, 11:47 AM
What might be a good idea is when you click on the info button for the upgrade or the new 5.0 in site manager is to have the information about the cost to be on the first screen that comes up instead of saying it's one click install which gives the impression that you click the button and you are upgraded.

As for your service rep, he didnt misunderstand, he just lied about how much you pay for each of us to have Miva to make it sound like you are so wonderful for making the sacrifice, but it doesnt take too much to figure out that if you hand Miva $900 to for me to have their cart as your rep clearly stated, and I pay 14.95 per month for my service, you arent going to make any profit from me being a customer until I've been with you over 5 years and I dont think WH would make that kind of business decision.

It just kind of sucks when you have these reps who lie like that because there are a lot of wonderful people at WH who are a great help, you all dont need to have your reps making up lies to sell your service. I didnt write to customer service to complain, I just wanted clarification because it wasnt clear in site manager because I didnt want to click further into the process if it was gonna auto charge my account to press the button. I wouldnt have gotten all grumpy if he just said yep, there's a fee without lying about paying $900 for each of our Miva carts.

It's still strange that I can cancel and resign up and get 5.0 for free --- what's the incentive to stay with Westhost when you can do that or just switch to another host who will give you the latest version? Now I understand that you have to make money but that's just weird that there's such and easy work around or that customers could bail because of the fee. Also it woud be nice if you made it clear in your information to new customers when they sign up that they will only get the latest version of Miva for free and that they have to pay for upgrades.

Rant over, have a lovely day... the problem with Westhost is that they have these great people and these awful people.... maybe it would be better if you were all just mediocre and I wouldnt expect consistently great service! :)