View Full Version : exclude second domains from AWStats

06-25-2005, 12:03 PM
Hi alll,

I've got two second domains attached to my account - they live in folders in my www directory named

I've tried to setup AWSTATS for both domains seperately but ran into problems. I really only want the advanced stats AWStats gives you on my main domain, so i've set up simple stand alone programs on the other domains. Now i have to get domain2 and domain3 out of the AWstats. The problem is, when you click on an internal link inside domian2 or domain3, they show up as referrers to domain1, so naturally every page on these two sites are clogging my referrer list.

I think I can use the SkipFiles parameter to exclude these directories - but how?

Do I use "REGEX[^\/domain2]" which will exclude all files from inside domain2
or can I use "www.domain2.com www.domain3" in this spot...

Or should I use the OnlyFiles parameter to only allow files from the one site?
Any ideas?