View Full Version : Correct location for addition Domain Names

05-15-2005, 08:27 PM
Help Please!

Where the correct, best & most secure place to place folders for additional Domain Names (abc). I know it can be in either var/www/htm/abc/ or var/www/abc/ which is the same level as html.

Thanks, CM

05-15-2005, 09:11 PM
What do you mean when you say "more secure". Is this an addtional domain of yours or are you offering hosting for someone else and you want to make sure they do not have access to the main domain files? Both locations are fine and it is more a matter of how you want to organize things. You might have to play more with the httpd.conf file down the line if you point the domain at /var/www/abc whearas if you point it to /var/www/html/abc everything that works for you main domain will work for the second domain without any intevention on your part. If your not sure about what that last sentance means or what modifying your httpd.conf would involve then it may be best to point it to /var/www/html/abc