View Full Version : HTML pages won't function when read from CD

05-07-2005, 10:08 PM
I have a client who sells antiques. They post their inventory online, and send CDs of the website to clients who don't have internet access or high speed internet access.

They send out about 60-70 CDs per mailing, and about 10 people can't use the CD.

They actually test each CD in their office PC before they mail it out.

The AUTORUN feature works fine and it opens the home page.
You can click on a link in the home page to view the catalog.

When the catalog page comes up, there are 2 types of failure:
1) all the images are broken (show little red x's) OR
2) the images are fine, but if you click on a link, nothing happens, no error, it just acts as if nothing was clicked

This page is just straight HTML, no scripting. Here is one page that does not work on the CD: http://www.legendantiques.com/retail/buyingtrip/catalog/index.htm

An informal survey of users this happens to shows that most of the people who experience this have bought new computer in the last 6-12 months.

In fact, one of their computers in the office has the problem. It's their newest computer. While the CD works in the older PC and VERY old laptop, it won't work in the new computer.

The website works fine in the browser. This only happens when reading from the CD.

My suspicion is a setting in IE...but I can't find anything to change. He is running WinXP Home and IE 6.029 SP2

Any ideas???