View Full Version : questions before signing up

03-08-2005, 12:20 AM
Got a few questions that weren't in the FAQ.

1) The online demo of the control panel doesn't work, pass or username are not correct.

2) are the raw logs bundled for all the domains on an account? Can you download the raw logs via http?

3) can you log to ftp from behind a http proxy with ftp support?

4) for the value package there's a dedicated ip for every domain on the account?


03-08-2005, 07:26 AM
You only get on static IP with the account. Any extra domains you add to the account are namebased and somewhat tied in with your main domain i.e. you can only have one info@domain and they all go to the same user info. The best use of the extra domains would be for say someone who had more then one .tdl for their site.

There are workarounds for some of the limitations that there are now but they are ones we have come up with as clients and are not supported by WH. This is true of the logs. Yes they are all bundled but there are ways you can seperate them out. Many options require being comfortable with useing SSH and alter files on your account manually like your httpd.conf file.

You can download just about any file you want on your account via FTP. There are some files that are protected and you can not alter simply because doing so would make it impossible for WH to service your account but your logs are not one of those.

Not sure on the online demo. It would be best to contact WH directly about that. The forums are left pretty much to use and not always monitored by the WH staff.