View Full Version : global header graphics

02-18-2005, 08:44 AM

cant get a background image for a table for the global header to show up. I've uploaded the image to the Merchant2/Graphics folder and given the full path to the image (http://mysite.com/Merchant2/Graphics/mypic.jpg)

am I doing this wrong?

can anybody help?


02-18-2005, 05:48 PM
Did you set the background in CSS or in the <table> tag itself? Although you say you uploaded do double check. I have in the past thgought the image got uploaded and it did not take or I was in the wrong directory when I did upload it. Then make sure your browser is not not useing a cached version of the page. Can't think of anything else of the top of my head.

One more thing. I have in the past uploaded an image in ASCII mode instead of Bianary which corrupts it. That is something to make sure of.