View Full Version : Paypal subscription services

02-12-2005, 08:39 AM
Okay, I am new, and as such, I don't know where to post this. Here is my question, regardless.

I have been looking into setting up my paypal account so I can accept subscriptions for my website, but don't quite understand a few things(mostly because I am a noob at programming as well).
1- when I set the url in the subscription form on paypal, where in my site should I set it?
2- after I set it, how do I make a script that will automatically read what gets shot there by paypal?
3- I have seen some stuff about 'automatic' forms that will read what paypal sends me, and am okay with that, but is it the same technology that will read the notification?

I know that paypal has some documentation, but I think there are some big holes in it. I can usually piece things togethere in a matter of hours, or minutes depending on the overall difficulty, but this is freaking rediculous.

I will be using PHP for my scripting, so if anybody has done this type of thing before and wouldn't mind lending a hand, I would greatly appreciate it.