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WestHost - BErickson
12-17-2004, 05:08 PM
WestHost Client Connection
News & Updates from WestHost
Volume I, Issue VI

Contents of this issue:

Important Notices
- New Members Area
- MANAGED Dedicated Servers
- New Site Promotion Tools
What We're Working On
- Site Applications
Current Specials/Promotions
- Holiday Special (LAST WEEK!)
- Managed Dedicated Server Launch Special
Support Stats
- E-mail
- Phone
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Important Notices

- New Members Area -

We recently launched a completely redesigned Members Area with
emphasis on improving the interface, reorganization of documentation,
and updated manuals.

At http://members.westhost.com/ you'll now see 4 major sections:
Website Management, E-mail Management, Domain Management, and Account
Management. We also have a number of manuals on different subjects
related to web hosting with WestHost.

Go to http://members.westhost.com/ to see what's new.

- MANAGED Dedicated Servers -

Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology is now available with our new
Managed Dedicated Servers. Not only can you have ALL the benefits of
WestHost's VPS technology on your OWN server, but the transition to
your new server can now be seamless and without any effort on your

To celebrate this launch we're increasing data transfer limits and
slashing prices! This offer ends soon, so order a Managed Dedicated
Server today!

For more details go to: http://dedicated.westhost.com/

- New Site Promotion Tools -

Two (2) new Site Promotion services are now available to all WestHost

1. Our new Search Engine Optimization and Submission Tools allow you
to optimize your website, submit directly to search engines, and
monitor the positioning and success of your site and efforts. We're
offering the service FREE for 90 days!

2. ALL WestHost clients now receive $50 credit with Overture. Overture
is a Yahoo company that EXCLUSIVELY maintains the top paid search
listings for Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and CNN.com. With many listings as
low as $0.10 per click, you can start receive as many as 500 new
TARGETED leads within hours of signing up.

Learn more at: http://members.westhost.com/promoting-site.html

What We're Working On

- Site Applications -

Our development team is still heavily focused on updates to our
application and server software lineup. We are now in the process
of rolling out a new interface for the Site Application
section of client's control panel (Site Manager).

You can see the changes within the Site Applications section of:

The steps we are taking now will make it much easier (and quicker)
for us to update and add software in the future. We are requesting
feedback from clients on the software they would like to see added
to our list of Site Applications.

To see the list of applications we are considering, or to post your
own request, go to:

Current Specials Promotions

- Holiday Special (LAST WEEK!) -

Looking for a last minute gift for the Holidays? Through December 23rd
(Next Thursday), you can order our HOLIDAY SPECIAL package and take
advantage of the absolute BEST deal on the web! With this package
we're giving away more space, bandwidth and features than ever before!

New Holiday Special accounts will also get a FREE MONTH and FREE DOMAIN

This package is for NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY, so order one as a second account
or give one to a friend or family member.

For details, go to: http://www.westhost.com/web-hosting.html

- Managed Dedicated Server Launch Special -

To celebrate the launch of our VPS technology for Dedicated Servers,
we're increasing data transfer limits and slashing prices! This offer
ends soon, so order a Managed Dedicated Server today!

For details, go to: http://dedicated.westhost.com/

Current Support Stats

Average E-mail Response Time - 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Average Phone Hold Time - 2.75 Minutes

Note: We recommend that whenever possible, use e-mail support. We
are better able to track problems, reply with detailed solutions, and
reserve phone lines for those that have quick questions or needs.