View Full Version : When things (mysteriously) stop working...

11-29-2004, 02:18 PM
Over the last week or two I've had calls from clients that some things that worked no longer work. Nothing major, the sites are still up and running. The only things that have changed over the last month has been a scheduled series of upgrades by Westhost, one series at the start of the month, the other later in the month.

So far the following problems have shown up, on various sites:

1. Script corruption: one site had its perl scripts corrupted, meaning somethings simply crashed.
2. cron jobs disappeared: two sites had custom cron jobs, which simply stopped running as they were removed
3. no more automatic ssh login: three sites so far no longer recognize (or find) the authorized_keys file and so automatic login is disabled
4. log files were disabled except for web site files.

As I say, the sites themselves showed no glitches. So the problems weren't apparent except over a period of time. If you've been upgraded and somethings have stopped, look out for the above possible problems.


12-21-2004, 11:39 AM
I've also had some strange problems with things that used to work, but then just stopped. I had hyperlinks to forms running through the shared ssl and one morning the links stopped working. All of a sudden the paths had changed. This same issue also effected my password protected directory and my webalizer stats that had been modified for multiple domains as seen on the forums. All the issues have been corrected, but were still concerning. :?