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11-15-2004, 04:54 AM
I was just browseing through the FAQ (for WestHost not the forum) http://www.westhost.com/faq//index.html and was wondering if perhaps it would be handy to tie it in with the forum. There is some really good information there and I have seen some of the questions asked on the forum over and over.

My thought is if in the diffrent forums at the top a link to the appropriate FAQ area could be added it may help cut down on some questions that are asked here. Another more advanced option would be to modifiy the posting page so that a drop down or pop up list could be available to users when answering a question so that they could find the link to the appropriat answer and have it inserted into a thier post.

A way to perhaps do this without modifying the base phpBB script would be to simply add a new forum to the Company Info catagory that was called FAQ and had the questions duplicated with the answers given or for a moderator to start adding the questions as a sticky post on the different forums. Much more labor intensive but would now require any scipt modifications.

WestHost - MMellor
11-15-2004, 04:05 PM

Those are some great ideas. I"ll pass those on to our engineers. Thanks again for all of your help. Keep up the good work!