View Full Version : A script for clients to setup their own template site

11-10-2004, 09:07 AM
I'm a reseller and web designer. The following service was brought to my attention by my current employer and future client (my position at the office is being eliminated but my home business is seeking to take over the web design duties for the site)

The service and I guess hosting service is at


Is there a way Westhost and/or resellers set up such a script so those clients who only want the simplest of services can take advantage of this and then upgrade if they need more customized needs?

Actually if there is such a service I would prefer it NOT to be Internet Explorer only.

I personally hate the lack of control a limited functionality these services provide but I would like to offer something similiar for those beginner clients.

These "web sites for dummies" services don't really seem to offer an upgrade path to more complex options. Any input would be appreciated.

Yeah, and I realize the "unlimited pages and images" and "100 e-mails" with only 200 megs of space is a "marketing scheme".