View Full Version : Real Server not loading...

11-06-2004, 09:49 PM
I've installed Real Server on my account. And have uploaded a filename.rm and a filename.ram file to a directory called realvideo on my domain server. The text in the ram file is rtsp://www.nakedlens.ca/realvideo/antix.rm.

From the webpage I've linked to the url: http://www.nakedlens.ca/realvideo/antix.ram. When I click that link, RealPlayer starts up and I get the message "Connecting" followed after some time by the message "Loading". But RealPlayer hangs at this point. No video file plays.

However, when I look at the clip properties, the copyright info and other credits are accurate, so it looks as though the ram file reference is working...

I tested the files by creating a realvideo folder on my desktop containing both the ram and rm files, with the ram file referencing the local file. Everything worked perfectly.

The rm file is a surestream video file encoded for 56k moden and 256DSL. It was encoded using the Advanced RealPlayer Export Plugin (RealVideo 9 version) forAdobe Premiere 6.0, creating the file from a Premiere Project timeline.

Any suggestions? I'm planning to use a series of links to video clips as an online portfolio, so embedding the player in the page isn't ideal.

And without access to RealServer, I'm at a loss for how to troubleshoot any further... Anyone else doing this successfully?