View Full Version : File Manager bug?

10-27-2004, 09:05 PM
A user in this thread (http://forums.westhost.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=13492) mentioned that they had found what they thought was a bug in File Manager. When editing a file that has a textarea in it the closing tag </textarea> is parsed and the "/" is removed. I thought at first it was the old bug mentioned before but upon looking closer I think it may be the fix to the bug. I think maybe files are now pared so that the textarea of the File Manager is not broken when editing files. This is all just a guess on my part but if true here are a few suggestions I have.

If the program is going parse a file and strip somthing for viewing it should then correct it when saveing the file. Having done some programing myself I know this could be a bit difficult but if when parseing the file to remove the "/" it could instead replace it with something that could then be parsed on saving and replaced with the correct code i.e. making </textarea> = [/textarea]. This may not be foolproof since I know that phpBB uses this for thier bbcode but perhaps some variation of this. There should also be a notice on the edit screen letting folks know that this is happening and to not remove the code unless they are removeing the textarea all together from the file or if this is not done by the program then have a notice that tells folks that they need to check and make sure that the closeing tag for a textarea is correct befor saveing since the program has modified it. If that information was someplace then I missed it.