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10-16-2004, 08:53 PM
I haven't been on here in a while :oops:

I was using VB Pro when I was on 1.0 (provided by WestHost). When I moved to a 2.0 account, I attempted to re-install VB Pro with no success. When I contacted support, after 6 days, I finally got this response:

Dear Westhost Client,

This application (vbpro) is not supported through the 2.0
platform. You will need to either install another Guestbook
application or use the one that we offer through the Site Manager.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Best Regards,

Howard B. Cook


Which I think is a really crappy response, considering they were the ones who provided it for 1.0. The one WestHost has for 2.0 is very primitive in comparison.

And I'm annoyed because I will now have to re-enter all the old guestbook entries manually.

Anyway, I liked VB Pro because you can set up multiple guestbooks with different templates.

Can anyone recommend a free guestbook script that they have succesfully installed on WestHost servers? I'd like one that supports multiple guestbooks.



12-30-2004, 01:53 PM
Can anyone recommend a free guestbook script that they have succesfully installed on WestHost servers? I'd like one that supports multiple guestbooks.

It's not free, but PSGuestbook is well worth the $25 purchase price. I've been using it for multiple guestbooks (on servers other than WestHost) since December 2001. Support for all Perl Services commercial scripts is free, and all scripts are GUARANTEED, repeat GUARANTEED. It's been one of the best purchase decisions I've made

Caveat: I configured my guestbooks to hold postings for approval. I had one small problem with pending postings over two days old being deleted when I'd review them for approval. I contacted the programmer and owner of Perl Services (Jim Melanson) about a month ago (almost three years after purchasing the script), and he sent me the modification (two different ones) I needed to make to the script to prevent it from happening.

PSGuestbook Features

Option for notification whenever someone posts to the guestbook.

Option to have a thank you e-mail message sent out for each posting.

Option to record statistics or not.

Option to permit posters to use HTML.

Option to permit posters to edit their postings.

Option to turn on a MailMe feature where users can e-mail themselves (or anyone else) a copy of any individual posting.

Option to have the program convert e-mail addresses and URL's into click able links.

Option of having the posting form at the top or bottom of the page.

Option to have the posting form on the same page as the guestbook or on it's own page.

Option to have guestbook entries displayed in ascending or descending order.

Ability to specify how many entries appear on a page. You can then click through multiple pages.

Choose from three validation options:

* All entries go straight into the guestbook.

* All entries are held for approval by you, the administrator.

* Each poster gets an e-mail message after posting with a link they must click to have their posting entered in the guestbook. This helps make people think twice before flaming your guestbook!

You have the ability to delete individual entries or all entries at once.

You have the ability to edit any entry while either pending approval or already in the live guestbook.

Ability to choose from a pre-set template or create your own. You can even edit a preset template to match your needs!

Ability to completley customize the look of your guestbook through the use of custom headers and footers as well as aesthetics settings in the options/configuration panel.

01-30-2006, 03:02 PM
Home of the Purple Yin Guestbook http://www.purpleyin.com/

The Purple Yin Guestbook is a free guestbook application for your website. It is written in PHP.

Very Nice, a must have.

Look at mine.